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Under The Hood with Mark Salem

Under The Hood With Mark

Action Auto Repair Endorsed by Mark Salem


Action Auto Repair is on Mark Salem’s Best Repair Shops list.

Mark Salem is a local “Automotive Celebrity” here in the Phoenix area.  Since 1988, Mark Salem has hosted Car Care radio and TV. In the Phoenix metro area, he has been a part of TV3, TV12, and KTAR. He also had a radio talk show on KNST in Tuscon, and was a Nascar consumer crew chief for three years.

Action Auto Repair is not only on his Best Repair Shops" list, but Tom is a frequent guest on his Saturday am radio show, “Under the Hood With Mark” on THE PATRIOT 960.  Tom and Mark answer radio listener’s car questions and talk about everything car related.  And, sometimes they talk about things that have nothing to do with cars!

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