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Key Night Drop Box

Use our Key Night Drop Box if you can’t get your car to us during regular business hours.  It’s easy –


To drop your Key at the Night Drop Box at Action Auto Repair:

  • Pull in to our parking lot and go to our main entrance on the east side of the building.

  • To the left of our entrance doors, find the Key Night Drop Box (the black box labeled “Early Bird Night Owl Service“)

  • Open the box to find pens and printed envelope forms

  • Fill out the form and drop your keys into the envelope

  • Drop the filled out envelope containing your vehicle’s keys into the slot in the left entrance door.

Then just leave your locked vehicle in the parking lot.  We will call you in the morning to discuss the details. Problem Solved!


We want to make your auto repair experience as convenient as possible, but we know that you can’t always drop off your vehicle during our business hours (Monday – Friday 7am-5pm).  So, take advantage of our after hours Key Night Drop Box. When you drop your keys in the door, you can be assured that they’re safe and sound.  They are not accessible to anyone but us.  As we open up in the morning, they are collected and matched with the corresponding vehicle in our parking lot.  We’ll call you in the morning to discuss everything that you feel needs to be done, and of course, after we inspect your vehicle, we’ll let you know exactly what is wrong along with an estimate.


We never do any work without First getting an OK from you!


Don’t forget that we also have Complementary Shuttle Service, so when your vehicle is repaired, we can come and pick you up.

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