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Automobile Inspection

& Maintenance Service

At least once a year your car needs an Automotive Inspection to make sure you avoid costly repairs.  Find those issues before they become major expenses!

With our thorough inspection, we will let you know what maintenance services should be performed – from most important to least important.  That way you can make an informed decision about scheduling service.  There is no pressure.  Our objective is not to sell you something today.  We want to keep you safely on the road.  


Some repairs are not needed right away – they can wait awhile.  

We work closely with all of our clients and your repairs depend on many factors.  That’s why we’ll ask you things like:

  • Is this your main vehicle or do you just use it periodically?

  • Do you travel long distances in it?

  • Do your kids travel in it a lot?

  • Are you thinking of selling it or will you be keeping it a long time?


All these questions can determine the priorities of your repairs.  Best of all, you will be given a booklet that records all tests performed.  Fluids are tested and analyzed with test strips contained in the pages of your booklet, and you will be able to see for yourself the results.  This handy booklet is yours to keep as a record of your maintenance.  Most vehicle warranties can be voided if manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance is not performed – don’t let this happen to you!

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